Tournament Formats

Unless otherwise noted, all qualifying tournaments will be a 3 game guarantee (weather permitting).  2 pool games to be played on Saturday (Friday at certain events). Upon completion of all pool games, teams will be seeded and enter a single elimination bracket on Sunday.

When 8 or more teams are participating in the same age division, Sunday's single elimination bracket will be split in an upper bracket and lower bracket.

One day events will be a 3 game min also. The format will depend on how many teams are entered

Coaches Game Day

All teams will receive 3 coaches passes.

Baseballs will be provided (Start each game with 4 baseballs)

Please help out in retrieving foul balls. If Balls are not retrieved, the umpires will ask teams for game balls.

First Home Run ball is free, a tournament quality ball replacement there after

Parent Info

Home Team will Keep Official Book (Visiting team responsible to check for accuracy)

Visiting team will supply someone 14 and older to run the score board.

There will be a gate fee for all events, unless otherwise noted prior to the tournament gate fees will be $7 per day. No weekend Passes available.   ***One day events will be $10 a day with 12u free***

No refunds of gate fees in the case of a rainout

No smoking inside the park, and one team cooler is allowed. PLEASE NOTE:  The park/facility rules override our rules in regards to coolers, smoking, etc. 


All rosters must be loaded onto the BPA National website.

Please have all team and roster information available for review at each tournament

Rainouts/Weather Policy

In case of bad weather we reserve the right to alter tournament formats. You will be notified of all changes in times of play via this website West Tennessee BPA  website, text messages, or a combination of each or all. 

We will do everything we can to keep on schedule and play. PLEASE NOTE: The park/facility holds the ultimate decision if we continue in the case of weather. Lightening will ALWAYS stop games. 

  • No Games Played = Full Refund
  • 1 Game Played = 50% Refund
  • 2 Games Played = No Refund


Roster and Lineup

All players must be on the online roster before the team takes the field on their first game of the event.
Birth Certificates must be in possession of coach at all times
Grade exception players: Coach must have a school issued document that verifies grade level
If Home Schooled, documentation from school system that verifies your home schooled status and grade level
Upon protest failure of any of the above, may result in forfeit of game, player ejection and/or team being ejected from tournament.

Effective Immediately: slash bunting is no longer allowed in the 9U and 10U divisions

7.01. C All bats for age divisions 13U and younger must be permanently stamped with the new USA 1.15 BPF Mark, or BBCOR.50 Certified Mark or made of wood and manufactured by a licensed USA manufacturer.

Batting and Re-Enter Teams can elect to Bat 9; starters may re-enter once Bat 9; with DH, starts may re-enter once Bat 10 with EH, starters may re-enter once Bat 10; with EH & DH, starters may re-enter once Bat entire roster; free defensive substitution DH can be used for ages 9U thru 14U DH can be used for any position player

Teams may start an official game with an eight (8) player lineup. An out shall be declared for the ninth (9) position in the batting lineup each turn at bat. A ninth player may be added to the bottom of lineup as soon as they become available.


Pitching Rules

Head Coach must notify the Umpire that he is protecting the pitcher on the mound. At this time, the umpire will collect the $100.00 fee. The Director or UIC will be called to the field as the protest in filed. The game will resume until the protest is confirmed valid or not valid. If the pitcher is found illegal then the game will be stopped.

One the Pitcher  is removed from the mound and another pitch is made to continue the game a protest can not be made.


7U – 12U

  • 3 day to pitch next day
  • 6 day max
  • 8 weekend max

13U – 14U

  • 3 day to pitch next day
  • 7 day max
  • 8 weekend max

15U is Unlimited

Please note: 0 out = 0 inning ; 1 out = 1/3 inning ; 2 outs = 2/3 inning

Game Time Limits

Time Limits

7U-8U: 6 innings with no new inning after 1 hour and 15 minutes (weather permitting)

9U-12U: 6 innings with no new inning after 1 hour and 30 minutes (weather permitting)CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES WILL BE EXTENDED 15 MINUTES (weather permitting)

13U-14U: 7 innings with no new inning after 1 hour and 45 minutes (weather permitting) CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES WILL BE EXTENDED 15 MINUTES (weather permitting)

Extra Innings

Pool games will end in a tie

Bracket Games cannot end in a tie. The tournament will use the International Tie Breaking System. We will start the next inning with the LAST COMPLETED AT BAT on 2nd base and 1 out.  Each team will get to bat until we have a winner.

Ages 9-14: When time expires and there is a 12 run lead, game will end (drop dead) during extra inning games.

Run Rule
6 inning game

12 runs after 3 innings 8 runs after 4 innings

7 inning game

15 runs after 3 innings 12 runs after 4 innings 8 after 5 innings

Tie Breakers

  1. HEAD-TO-HEAD (2 teams)
  2. RUNS ALLOWED (3 or more teams)
  3. RUN DIFFERENTIAL (+8/-8 max)


A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and/or catcher in this order:1. Player not in the lineup

2. Last batted out
3. Last completed at bat
4. Player in lineup furthest from coming up to bat.

The same runner cannot be used more than once per inning.


Protest will be ruled on immediately by director and chief umpire. Rules can be protested, not judgment calls. $100.00 protest fee is required and will be returned if call is changed.

If it is the last play of the ball game the protest must be made before the Officials leave the playing field.

Display their FAQs

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Coach Pitch Rules

Batters shall get max 6 pitches, or 3 strikes. Foul ball extends at bat up to 6 pitches. 7 runs limit per team per inning
Base runners may not leave their base until the ball is hit.
No infield fly rule.
No bunting.
No DH.
One Intentional Walk per game per player

Coach pitcher must pitch with foot on pitcher’s line or straddle pitcher’s line..
He must leave the field immediately when ball is put in play.
The pitching coach shall not verbally or physically coach while in the pitching position

A courtesy runner for catcher of record only the previous inning may be used. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the previous out. If no outs have been recorded in the game, the courtesy runner shall be the previous batter not on base. If the team batting has not played defense yet and a courtesy runner is used for a player, the player that was run for must assume the catching position the next inning. This scenario only applies in the first inning for the visiting team.

The defensive pitcher shall not leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit.
PENALTY: The play continues and after the play had ended, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or no-pitch.

Each team on defense will field 10 players consisting of 6 infielders and 4 outfielders. The outfielders must stay in the outfield until the ball is hit.

Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. The ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) positions in the batting order shall be declared an out each turn at bat. A ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) player and all subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.